Walkers and Wheelchair Rentals


Walkers and Wheelchair Rentals

Our wheelchairs collapse for easy transport in your vehicle. They are great for someone who wishes to "self-wheel" around.  Some are equipped with elevating leg rests for those who need to keep their legs extended.  Weekly rentals include delivery and pickup to your location. All are delivered with our Maui Mobility Aloha!" .

WHEEL CHAIRS (Transport Chair)

Walkers and Wheelchair Rentals

Enjoy Maui with your loved one using our convenient Companion Transport Wheelchair. This lightweight, foldable wheelchair is easy to transport in your vehicle, and is easy to push over most surfaces. It has 4 small wheels instead of two small and two large wheels, and is designed to be pushed by a caregiver. Transport chairs are much easier to load into vehicles and very nimble to steer. Weekly rental rates include delivery and pickup.


Maui Walkers and Wheel Chair Rentals

Our knee scooters are handy if you've injured your foot or ankle and have good mobility with the other leg.  Just rest your knee on the scooter and push yourself around!  Our knee scooters have a brake, a basket, and are adjustable for each leg.  They are lightweight and nimble, and fold down easily for transport in your vehicle. Weekly rates include delivery and pickup


Maui Walkers and Wheel Chair Rentals

We offer a selection of walkers including 2-wheel walkers and 4-wheel rollators. The rollators come with 8-inch wheels, adjustable seat and handle bar height, braking system and a storage compartment under the folding seat. They are light weight and easy to load into a car trunk or SUV. Our "Pretty in Pink" 2-wheel walker folds into an amazingly small package and is so lightweight it can be lifted with one hand! The 2-wheel walker has steerable front wheels, smooth gliding rear pads, and a storage pouch for small items. Weekly rental rates include delivery and pickup.

"Be Mobile"


"Thank you again for your great service and the use of your motorized scooter. It was a big help to have it handy when we needed it. And so easy to load and unload. Thank you so much."
Bonnie L.